Saturday, August 17, 2013

As Night Settles Into Darkness Once More

Five one-hundredth
Shrack, sh……….rack!
A white flash covets the evenings ebon gown
One one-hundredth, Two one-hundredth, Three one-hundredth

The stainless steel counters mirror the eyes of a 15-year-old kid—ignorant yet to the way of the world—just happy to have a job—to be up late at night, working, while his classmates are either sound asleep, or just finishing their nightly cram sessions—all in the name of honor roll eligibility…to please?


Soap pail in tow, sudsy rag applied to drab yellow walls, eliminating the spackled V-shaped pattern away from view

A cold stutter bellows from within
Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash
All quiet! And the silence persists… …Leaves one wondering
Should the aftermath be explored now or in the morning?

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