Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The sap from the trees—everywhere this morning—the midnight storm did a number—Governor is calling for a state of emergency.

“…What about the vagrants? (Why in God’s good name, are those panhandlers positioning themselves at the forefront of my mind, infiltrating my most personal of personal thoughts)”

“got no idea’r dare, couldn’t care less neither, surprise you be askin’”

         “Yeah, me too”

Scattered everywhere—punctured tires from branches—prematurely broken from their mother’s veins.

“This debris’ all o’er the place, we ain’t doin’ shit today, lets see if we can’t make it to Downunder for a cupla cole ones—God, sure hope’s still dare—hope damage din’t make It that nort”
(in a daze, mesmerized by how a simple storm can alter both the familiar and one's ability to perceive abstractly), “yeah… 

...sure hope not”

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  1. Gosh a storm does turn normality into abstract, in the space of an evening... Gosh it would be terrifying to be out in it, no one wanting to give you a place to shelter... gives a lot of food for thought this one.

  2. One time a storm blew through the night and the next morning we discovered it had been a cat one hurricane!

  3. ha....really neat what you did with dialect in this fred....and why worry about the vagrants....groan...sadly...just a cupla cold ones....smiles....

  4. Sounds like a very damaging storm! This HAS been a rough winter.

  5. LOL love the end, just read it as a rather snarky voice at my sea, have to watch those panhandlers too, may just pull one over on you.

  6. Yeah, them storms don't half mess things up...

  7. I like the use of the storm to cause both eternal and internal upheaval. Storms do have a way of uncovering what's hidden.

  8. I like how you described the mess, "Scattered everywhere—punctured tires from branches—prematurely broken from their mother’s veins." And storms do have a way of leveling the playing field for us all. Eyes open a little wider, and differences seem less important than they once did :)

  9. yes it would be amazing without a roof