Monday, February 11, 2013

The Letting Go

Softening the blow, letting go—
An entrapment’s set, a trigger’s tripped,
Beguiling solemnity, into a boxed chest of wood

Made of oak, notched and cured—
A tiny key violates a lock of bronze,
Concealing a past betrayed by love

Possessed by lost emotions, a vacant heart persists—
The forecast predicts a surging storm beneath,
Unearthing the many passions deadened by grief

Tethering tomorrow, with the fibrous tithing’s of today—
A venous strain, an ascription stirred within,
Initializing myriad dimensions, then staining them in blood

Vultures circle the hypocritical norm—
A broken voice cracks and screams,
Illuminating the sounds of a shadow fevering the skin

Softening the blow, letting go—
Things happen and then they don’t

Well, I seem to be a day off with my responses this week.  This is two consecutive D'Verse evenings that I've missed out on the link-up, but each time an excellent theme was provided, and therefore, I just had to respond regardless.  For this week's Poetics theme, Claudia presented us with the notion of Letting Go.  

I've always been intrigued by the open-ended possibility with this idea.  One can interpret the theme as a release, where tension is broken and this then opens up new and often undiscovered pathways.  Another possibility is looking at the theme in the manner of eliminating constraints and going with the flow, giving oneself up to the spontaneity that this new movement takes us. Yet another is the old idea of letting something go, giving it your blessing to leave.  Here there is a notion of freedom, yet also the portrayal of giving up control.  I think this also fits the popular saying about love, "set something free if you love it."  

Then, along the same lines of giving up control, one could look at this notion of letting go as being something akin to giving up. Perhaps you no longer have the will to fight whatever is oppressing you, whatever it is that is ladening such a burden upon your shoulders.  So here, you just give up, letting go, and allowing what will be, to be.

In any case, Claudia provided an excellent article on the subject and opened up the discussion to the poets of D'Verse, who, to no surprise, offered excellent insight through each poem shared.  I urge you to check out the post, read many, if not all, of the poems shared there, and perhaps, you, like myself, will find the inspiration to compose a response regardless of missing out on linking up to the Poetics discussion itself.  Cheers.


  1. Tethering tomorrow, with the fibrous tithing’s of today...what a profound line fred...and the vultures circling the hypocritical is a duality to letting go...some good and some bad...

  2. Always fun to see the different ways one goes with letting go. Can be tough for some as things can have a good grip. But once let go can be quite the trip.

  3. Well expressed, Fred. Worth waiting for indeed!