Monday, February 18, 2013

If Then, How?

Nervously shifting position—right knee atop left thigh, both feet pressed to the hardwoods ever lineated alibi, left sole in clear view to anyone entering from stage right

Towering clouds of charcoal tinted doubt strain in search of breathable space, dusting the passing terrain with an acceptable case for the brutality of an asthmatic too earnestly dismissed as having been too eagerly indulgent upon those panting displays of breath

Tangerine florets linger the walls above
Heavy feet scamper in now apparent direction
Leaving scuffmarks those below can feel, no matter
The sensitivity of that particularly unwashed face

Amass and hoard, we consume sparingly
Yet hold onto every shred, when it would have been too easily
Permissive to share, even an ounce of overage—One would have to wonder, if such generosity could exist, and if so, than what undiscovered aspects of the home might show.

If then, how?


  1. Towering clouds of charcoal tinted doubt strain in search of breathable space...nice...i like the way you describe that and play it our fred...and feel it a bit here lately as well...ha on the cat...she is cute...and well mannered to sit there through that...

  2. haha she didn't care what you were doing, she just wanted the attention now, damn it! haha Always has to be on their time no matter what. Great descrptive and image filled write too.

  3. what a cute cat..and love the imagery you use to breathe...always a theme on my shore..