Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of Consequence...

Photograph by Terry at

In a land draped in smoke
We find a people caressed by fear
Where only the undead
Are unspoken for.  (APOCALYPTIC SNOWFALL)


In a world consumed by hate
We see a realm that doubts their faith
Where the only beliefs able to heal
Are dusted, dead, or concealed. (NUCLEAR WINTER)


In a society applauding theft and greed
We shun the children who’ve yet to feed
Pushing back the masks, only for the time it takes
To devour what purity’s left to rake. (INHERITANCE)


Behind hidden doors, Hope’s salvation weeps
As daily they do watch…monsters, unwrought and free
For outside’s where the abhorred stray at night
Leaving but the day to retrieve those released from misery 

When the stench renews
Pulses must grow numb…

As darkness covets light
Vision alters sight…

No matter what you hear
That sound you cannot clear

Despite your urge to feed
There’s no taste left to comfort thee

For when the ravagers appear
Muted be thy cries
Lest beckon upon all
The infection summoned by your call.  (THE END)
Smart Bombs Only Destroy
The smartest bomb is the one NEVER made…

Over at D'Verse, Claudia brought forth a photo prompt. Being a moderator at D'Verse, I, like the others, had a chance to get ahead start tonight, (which I obviously took full advantage of lol). 

 Well, to be perfectly honest, I saw that it was a photo prompt and while those can be quite fun sometimes, I just didn't think I was in a mood to roll something out this way.  So, I did a bit of reading, napped a bit and then hopped on the computer about two hours ago.  

I wrote a couple of things, but I've been rather stagnant lately, only able to knock out some haiku.  So I went into my bag of tricks, poems previously written and noticed I only had one in there, which I had planned on using with some art I did for another blog.  So, I popped in to D'verse, to check out the post and the photos for Poetics.  And there it was that I saw some really impressive photographs. 

Well, I have to say this apocalyptic verse sort of just came to being right then and there.  So, long story short, it's kind of funny how things work out isn't it?  There I was, not feeling like working from a photo at all, even knowing that was suffering a bit of poetic paralysis, and needed a jolt of some sort.  Yet, I was being stubborn I guess, thinking that only I could get myself out of the slump or whatever it is when, lo and behold,not even five minutes elapsed over at the site when bang, the full premise of a poem accosted me in a most pleasant way.  Funny how things work sometimes.  

I look forward to reading your pieces.  These are some very unique photos, that should really offer a wide many angles for poetic approach.  So head on over, check out Terry's photography and check out all the responses linked up on D'verse.  Maybe you'll find yourself quickly impelled to write like I was, please share it if you are, I for one would love to read it.  Then, how about swinging by Terry's site to check out all the neat pieces he's created there.  Definitely a lot of unique material, he has a different way of looking at the world, which makes for some really interesting shots.


  1. Sinister ~ the reading brings such a wonderful added element ~ sinister

  2. we live in interesting times...your refrain is haunting and made me think of the bombs going off in israel and gaza right now....i was read up last night and started to think what if that was here right now....scary thought indeed. anyway, you put me back there this morning...

  3. Nice one Fred. "Smart bombs build better ashes" is a chorus that sends chills down my spine - and it is perfect!!! Well done. Love the poem.

  4. The smartest bomb is the one NEVER made…so true...i hope we've learned enough through history that an armageddon never ever happens..i so hope.. tightly written fred and the repetition is so haunting

  5. Some excellent lines in this poem, Fred. A gut-write! "Behind hidden doors, hopes salvation weeps....." certainly resonates, especially with what is going on in Israel/Palestine at present.

  6. Geez you and the Mayans would get along great today hahaha I hope nothing goes boom and brings us such doom, at least until I'm loooong gone. But those aliens may screw us over soon enough haha

  7. Wow - those are pretty intense and powerful slogans that you have interposed in your poem - I've never heard them before - the best of course - the smartest bomb the one not made. This is a powerful poem, Fred, one of my favorites of yours. k.

  8. Fantastic metal reading, surprising how musically you managed it. That image felt apocalyptic to me to, your poetry a smart bomb indeed. Impressive!

  9. It's been said, sometimes you just got to jump in and try, you might come up with something even though you think you won't. (I do look at prompts, sometimes I try and then don't post the disaster!)

    This poem seems to fit with the current unrest in the middle east. Smart Bomb is the one that is never made, perhaps smart bomb is the one that blows itself up before it even leaves the creator's mind. I gathered feelings of helplessness, innocent victims, horrors unleashed and too late to stop them. "We" can see but there seems nothing that can be done.

    " Despite your urge to feed
    There’s no taste left to comfort thee"

    Ash-like taste perhaps coats the tongue, I should think. Effectively dire.