Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Untitled Stream of Consciousness poem

A roan shelter
Shields the soul
From your dark

Unknown valances
Conceal you from
The wisdom of an
 Outside world

The place, which your faith has abandoned,
Boards a people no different than yourself,
Yet, their opinions, spark the opposite beliefs,
When it comes time for decision

Altered flesh—a window seared—
Ragged from the flagrancies observed—
Flavor your vagrancies, with a scorching scent

Exhumed is the cancerous wind—
Where strange diction looms and a spewing of the noxious fumes
That eventually, even the most resisting, will one day grow immune to it's many "charms."

Thought I'd go ahead and do some stream of consciousness poetry before getting to bed. 


  1. the first two stanzas make me think about how what sometimes shields and protects us can also the thing that hurts us....

  2. The senses sure tingle today at your bay. Great imagery one display for your night time say.

  3. I find connection with that 3rd stroph. One does think that others are not that different, but nonetheless, just not exactly on the same page ever.

  4. Night thoughts often wander where they will.... "The place, which your faith has abandoned" -- I hope it will be found once again!