Friday, November 2, 2012

Now here's the Kicker...

Precious cargo well in tow, protruding stretch of flesh under dress of mesh, showcasing skin, think I saw a tat in there too, albeit impossible to reconnect the reds and blues, but think there was an arrow, pointing south, wondering if perhaps, this was the cipher to fill the clue as to how the puzzle first got it start.  And to home, your flat, NO, not you, not now in any case, of course not, no, that shan’t return for quite some time, until at least a point somewhere down this cyclic line, whence all will dry, peaking up to mountain’s sky, yet till then I guess it all, will do, all that and more, perhaps even doing a body good…(different).  Here, alcohol is not permitted upon the premise grounds, lest temptation may find a deformation stirring caustic frown…trouble…damn spine, aching more and more…Irritation riles strong….fancy flavors sing their song…mid-night rendezvous with Frigidaire, where a perry’s pint may make the night…But glow you do, so bright, simple shades won’t do…Love was never a part of this plan…it just happened…it just did…and now, you are the one alone in this…

I would’ve offered to help you with your groceries, but with your current situation placing you in such a vulnerable state, who knows what thoughts would traverse your apocalyptic hormonal state of anti-bliss…No, I did want to help though, but I’m not good at accepting accusations, where good intentions get abased, maligned…nope, not for me, actually, it’s one of the things that I hate most about society….I understand people are brought up in a way where so many bad things happen, so better safe than sorry…I get that, and you know that old saying, no good deed goes unpunished, well, I’ve learned that to be sadly true.   And I probably would’ve looked at your hair, and your skin, noticing you hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for quite some time, and mighty have said something, while assessing you were in the need of something to lift your spirits up, and say, “you look beautiful today”  And knowing at least what I think I do, I may have received either a, “gee thanks,” (Best Case), that look that silently screams CREEP (Not that Bad, but not that good), A hormonal outrage inflicting 8.5 months of anxiety and pain in a few well placed blows that would make the nausea grow rather swiftly internally.  (Worst Case, perhaps)

 I have to say, I had such a difficult time coming up with something to write for this really challenging D'Verse Meeting The Bar prompt.  I have to say, after reading Anna's superb article, I said to myself, "this is right up my alley, " and then poof…I had nothing.  Can't really explain it. The article is so well written it couldn't have been explained any more clearly, but for whatever reason, this piece here was the best I could come up with tonight.  

I strongly urge everyone to head over to D'Verse and read the article and then jump into the linky and there you'll find some really good responses to this really cool prompt.  


  1. Awful when you feel you want to say something nice to someone and get the sense that they'd smack it straight back in your face because you're not sure if you're sensing their anger, hurt, pain and, they would make you the butt of their frustrations. So, you are left in a quandary then of, do you risk it and be damned or, ignore and that makes it sad.
    Was a good read Fred. I thought Anna's prompt really well written too.

  2. haha this was one of the more difficult prompts for me as work it well though fred...the opening has great imagery and creative use of it...the second enters the dilemna for me...that you would help but what you know the response to a creep & are you really helping or just giving another target....sad bit of reality there...

  3. haha when the hormones fly not much one can do but just take it on the chin, hopefully not literally though or that would hurt.

  4. this is way cool...pregnancy is such a fascinating time for a woman...exhausting at parts yes...but also full of wonder...nice...

  5. First, thanks so much for taking the challenge. I appreciate the reading - the red and blue that won't reconnect like an arrow pointed south set the humorous tone. The use of idioms and the clever world play of the title work to full effect here. The internal rhymes add to the atmosphere of nursery expectation. My favorite part though was the dimissive 'gee thanks' and the 'look that silently screams CREEP' which reminded me of how body language can so effectively communicate emotion. Great work.