Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Contradictory Mindfulness

Torn in all directions.
Shreds. Rags.
Born unto faithless winds.

to fall

Lost in a wager based trigger-field
Lost in a wildly rampant vile view
yet.   (Are they not still a part of you?)

The insider is not necessarily the smartest
It knows everything it sees
yet makes no differentiation
in regards to relevancy or correctness of manner

painted upon an invisibility
you've come to caress

Images left out in distemper's wind

Atrocious behavior, atrocious behavior!  You hate with so much vehemency
Plagues spewed upon the screen
Disagree, disavow
your eyes
and imagined
a less violent floe
where bergs are not as sharp
where waves do not flash-freeze 
where caverns are not composed strictly of leftover icecaps. Capitilize that, Capitlize, capitalize, capitilize

Did someone mention pride?
I'm not sure, I hear things sometimes, especially
when I try to trick myself into agreeing with those
things I'm completely opposed to….(THEN why AREyou?_)

It's a good question
It's fair, in every sense of the symbol of the word, it's fair
the answer is probably far too simple
for that I do dearly apologize…(There I've started already)

It's ...exhaustion... exhaustion…
I'm so tired of the wiggle room
I'm at that point
where I'll martyr some values
for a shot at peace
although….(And YOU HAD TO KNOW THIS WOULD COME) there is philosophy at play…when isn't there right?

Without peace, there is Eden.
Eden, however, some consider myth.
But, lets pretend you believe, if but for a second or two.
Then, you would know, Eden was destroyed
by man's own disobeying

Life is built on tension
Tension provides momentum
Tension stimulates the mind
Without it
with their only being peace
we would not exist
leave us
a little
a smidgen even
just, don't take it all away
where would we be?

Hmm… I just noticed I had this poem in my drafts.  Guess I never posted it, in which case I guess I never linked it up to Karin's Poetics from 11/10/12.  Actually turns out a blessing, as I really didn't have anything to write tonight.  Some Haiku, but that's about it.  So, I'll post this tonight for OLN, at D'Verse of course.

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  1. Hmmm...lots of imagery and yet I feel the tension most clearly - I sense the conflict from within. Thanks for stopping by and glad you shared this. I am still squinting and reading, thinking about it!

  2. Wow, lots of thoughts and feelings in here, Fred. It is such a dense poem I don't really know where to start and cannot scratch the surface. You're right...the insider is not always the smartest. And atrocious behavior is hard to deal with sometime, and yes...the seeking of peace. We all need it within ourselves, within our world. Have a nice thanksgiving, Fred.

  3. I'm at that point
    where I'll martyr some values
    for a shot at wicked thought there...and the life is built on is tension that makes us move, change, grow....

  4. Why will always be asked tons of times and more questions than answers usually comes as well. But much can come from the rags and parts too, the war between the two is surely something that always comes due.

  5. As always, a lot to digest. It's never 'padding' though, but I struggle to comment intelligently on just what it is because I haven't put it all together in my own head yet! So format and other technical aspects may get commentary... I do think your unusual style of formatting enhances your content; underscores, I would say. The use of CAPS when you can use italics is interesting.

    (THEN why AREyou?_) Why am I? Exactly... immense work Fred

  6. Reaching out and engaging an interlocutor - the tussle of the wrestling mind, a hard battle fought, tossing and turning and burning for an answer . . . inner peace and harmony . . . acceptance?

    the probing mind seeking out . . . noting the struggle!

    cheers fred

  7. life is built on tension...yeah...i think nature mirrors it as well..but's also a fallen nature...lots to ponder here fred..

  8. Another read... a lot of friction in this piece... weighty and weighted.. I'd like to inhabit your mind for a few hours! The wonders...