Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Part I.
On days bearing the consistencies eminently so sound as they do this sector of time’s stage, the coat of the gray squirrel, bushy tail and all, blends unperceptively into the shaded horizon that is quite often found upon such fall forays.  In regards to resonation, a prism cannot encounter beams colorful enough to de-cloud these evocations from the being hidden deeply beneath my shell.  To me, during such instances, I find a keen relation, a kinship to, those men and women, who bear the countenances of the faceless victims, that comprise many of the characters within Foucault’s masterful tome.

 Part II.
In regards to the bellicose and vain, I fray the skirt that bears appellation to this couture’s claim.  Vagrancies of exposition, trifle through, traipsing cross the valance of charm in space, as encountered chancily, when spoken through those lost rhythms, in circumference, of a singular destiny spun, by the marsupial nightshade weeping saltine solvencies, over bended page, cross-haired and fileted, by the dampening fleece, crooked both in depth and scheme, whereas such tonalities bellow beneath the wherewithal spun fibrously, masking, completely the couplets coined, compellingly fleeing the soundscape rendered by a dissatisfactory spectacle hindered by slumbering parameters.  

Part III.
Within diameter’s foraging lines of spatiality, brays, both beckoned and intravenously embossed by superficial undertows, form in fragility, through the colloquial jaunts, too often spent in the prominence teemed through the professing vocalizations emitted, by those aligned through a spiritual subservience, uninhibitedly impelling canvasses their usual spread, flared out as deceptive turns were rife to stir.  It is not fairness that guides the devious, in search, always seeking, to barter their tomorrows, by exchanging hungers with the pauper’s guild. And therein lays the covenant created, where a hunger steeped in tangibility is traded for a hunger for the power.  The feast presented to these malnourished indigents, was rightfully deemed by he that sought ultimate power, for he that provides sustenance to the underfed, forever more, shall be deemed righteous in such people’s eyes.  This spectacular arraignment, in and of itself, promulgates the effectiveness of strategic posturing.

Part IV.
Herein, are but cacophonies, wastelands of effigies, asymmetric to the plotter’s quilts that coquettishly commingle adjacently, to the barren nook predicating the sprawl of vales. Over-extension, brings about the perceived timelessness of equation, a hallucinatory combination, an elixir bred to inspire, upon brindled spits, the stirring favor, that through it’s entrancing sensuality of scent are effectively useful ploys, time and time to come; easy are the hungered, blameless are such whose flesh falls in pronation’s guile, for to such martyrdom, is as has been, since the birthed touch of desperation. The conflagrations found carry greatness in their appeals, where, through timid reciprocity, our forbearers insinuated different meanings for journeys of identical design, and each within such foundries would behave, undoubtedly finding their beings swayed by one’s sense of justification deemed appropriately.  Distracted then become, the voracious sprawls of signatory resignation, the first formation of the grand design, that, now, herein, such minutiae, is revelatory in what truth is finally availed.  The separatists and their voiceless apparitions, ooze forth a morose temper.  Although they choose not to speak prominently before the court of decisive gains, they are evolutionarily superior to most creatures to grace this frosted earth.  Undercut by the arrogance of this burgeoned being, they make promises to nature herself, where their every forward movement, will be implemented for, aside from sustaining their own needs, the purpose counteracting all efforts motioning by these architects.   They are not a people who typically join in any side where revolution is the likelihood of outcomes, yet these so called creators, speak of promises and prosperities to come, are not speaking to their underlying plan.  The hungered and misrepresented only see routes to fulfillment and ask not the needed questions, they care not from where these beings originated, and as to why, out of all the lands, they chose our dwelling space for this promised cradle of theirs.  Underneath the political, is a devious deception here at play, and if not for these wood-folk, would be conducted without opposition.  What appears too fortunate, unfortunately is often quite it’s opposite.  What detriments seem relegated to subtlety alone, are often the monsters we choose not to face, yet imminently will be guided by.  They choose to ravage our mother, extract her nutrients for their own behalf.  Certainly they will blanket this world with their veils of prosperity, creating a time unlike any other experienced before, especially for these folk that become the spine of their infantry toward any who dare question the rationale provided to.  Any question of uprising, and stir of those that demand truthful understanding, are squelched before alterations could deter the plans they have set forth. 

Part V.
This is the monster, the beast unspoken, they that appear of no lands known, and bear tremendous gifts, with but a sparing repayment owed.  It is these that travel from system to system, terraforming habitats to their own necessities, sucking clean what makes this world our own.  The further along the balance blossoms toward, the gifts dwindle, and when their true appearances are finally shown, upending will then, be impossible to guard against. 

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  1. great message there in that last part...at what point will be have sucked dry all we can...can we...will we move to the stars in search of it....where will we go and to what end before the beast devours us...

  2. Oh this was right up the cats alley, teraforming some alien valley. Of course we would screw it over worse than any but sniffing rover through greed and such. So maybe the aliens will come and touch, invade our shores and terraform us making us their umm whores? haha I sure hope not though, probes aren't something I want to show.

  3. you def. packed a lot into this...the monster, the beast unspoken..they that appear of no lands known...makes me think in different directions...

  4. I look forward to poems that are not flow of consciousness. Do you publish them somewhere else?

  5. Fred, an amazingly deep and thoughtful write, but I must confess to probably only able to understand the surface of your ocean of thought.

    You made a comment at my site about the candidates this year. Just wanna say....I felt quite the same. Two choices really is not enough. I think we need to look at other countries and perhaps learn from the idea of having a few more parties who eventually learn to work together to form coalitions, etc. (Thinking of Germany..for one.)

  6. You pack a lot into this pastiche. Fascinating that they weren't connected but I see why you decided to present them. I especially enjoyed the sci-fi bits and the video. I love seeing and hearing how you read the work, it always adds depth.

  7. hey fred

    election fever and burnt midnight oil kept me away until
    now. i have Always been a bit of an after-hours crueler though. I really like the structure of this one fred - the blocks of power! Megaliths baby! Reminding me of some of the more poetic philosophical works I have studied over the years. Taking that into account. I do like and appreciate a long sentence, as far as I'm concerned make it as long as you like. If it's this good "traipsing cross the valance of charm in space" . . . Intellectually stimulating - language fireworks fizzing on the end of my tongue is i boom! Out loud, something BIG And ambitious . . With a large heart and scope - narrowing to make a valid point.

    All the best Fred

  8. Thanks, Fred. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey with a few sharp turns. Well written.