Monday, November 12, 2012

As Crescent Waves Misbehave

Standing silent, upon red clay
Soon would boil, underneath
Birthing foul from deep would seep
The ooze condemned by deadened toe
The cackling comfort of a wooden crow

Sighing, seated by the river’s back
Searching, seeking, from whence the
World was flat, possibilities that were
Never truly there, yet for reasons unknown
You seditiously sit and stare

There now stands a mermaid
And you see nothing but the trout


  1. ha so interesting textures in this fred...and imagery...the second stanza can def relate to...and the perceptions in that last stanza as well...interesting piece....hope your week starts well

  2. Very nice flow as the rhymes were given a go and nice mix of fact and fiction too. The world isn't flat? Who knew? haha

  3. feels like a deep play between perceptions limited, and perceptions possible

    esp liked,

    "Searching, seeking, from whence the
    World was flat" -

    and still seeing trout when a mermaids in plain site, interesting, very thoughtful piece fred, thanks so much, best wishes

  4. the world still look flat to me.... the final couplet has it... can't see the mermaid for the trout. Very nice