Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fraudulent Hero and The Relationship Between Happenstance and Happiness

Prepackaged pocket wraiths
Born to haunt this evening….

Discarded unto disconcerting haunts,
Ratcheting a confession from some
Fraudulent honk…

Feeling disdain before purgation’s urge
And you then realize
You’re aware of your positioning point
Where here you rest, amongst the aisle
Of modulated remedies and vanities benign

A vocation is born when a villain is formed/one to rise against/one to clash bone to sword/all for journey’s sake/all for jaunts you feel impended to “must-make”/a valediction to, unwrapping our intrinsic resting state

Drams of forgiveness
Awaiting the hero’s
Return, who only ever
Flourishes when departing
Vision’s clear

He’s a heroic chap, one who takes nothing and gives
Much more back, but you see, he’s got a death wish,
So don’t give him more credit than he’s due, for he
Does it for his own desires, caring not for how his ends
Mesh with your wish for a savior.

And while he certainly cherishes hope, he buys no stock
In what it represents, for he’s smelled the scent far too many
Times to realize it was a figment of congestion there that he’d find. So if your mind sees him as this grand executioner of all that’s bad, so be it, so be it may, be the only prayer he’ll allow this day…. but in such an era of unyielding duress, you’ll take what you can, and that he’ll give, willingly, as he needs it too.

The shadow can be used for evil, yes it most devilishly can.  However, what is so often omitted from the lore one reads their children, strangely enough before they try to sleep at night is that the shadows renew at the dearth of day, yet rely upon the light, entirely.  So, when utilized for one’s might, it makes no difference if the user is wearing black or white, for the shadow cares not about wrong or right, he simply is what he is and how he gets what he wants, is of no burden or consequence paid.  It is true that a shade can never be your friend, but certainly it can be your arm of vengeance if so chosen to be.  And the hero, the hero’s hero, will so succinctly use it just the same, as any other object to cause fright, any item there to play, anything that will help him chase away the demons and the fear, giving back the prominence to a era desperate for the light…so what if it’s the near-absence of, that allows the day to triumph over night…


  1. interesting...right from the beginning...funny i saw at the store the other day 'pocket gods' and your pocket wraiths reminded me...smiles..when you break into prose this gets really intersting for me...the difference between shadow and light....and how heroes may not fall completely in the one...or be absent of the other...

  2. A fake hero can be the worst, as they are just trying to quench some thirst and suck all in, so they can get more loot or whatever at their bin. A real one is all around, sometimes just the little things that are found. The villian is easy to spot, although sometimes they suffer from the equivalent of dry rot haha