Tuesday, August 7, 2012

B Ballad (A Possession in Astral Tongue)

Looking down, I see myself
transitioning from nestled sleep to endless dream

At first I search for the glowing
path…when suddenly a stunning realization
stammers forth it’s surreal flood

Observations stir, until, the form awakes…but you stay adrift
not returning to your shell…and yet, you watch, as it functions still

Following in-flux you float about
staggering the summits with watchful eyes…understanding completely, you haven’t died, you’re alive, but your vessel, is no longer yours alone to steer

And soon thereafter, drawn unto an astral field you go
wandering in a formless realm, where familiar sights
quickly disjoint the body from the soul
as once familiar songs, are belted out, in tongues foreign to the light

The thief moves about in the circles I had built, yet they can not tell the difference, the imposter’s presence goes unknown…perhaps, or so it seems, a case can be made to indicate, that both family and friends, appeared to like me more now, than they ever had, when It was I, comprising the definitions deep inside

And even when rapt in these songs of sin
no one noticed that these words were not mine,
were his seductive charms so aligned,
they couldn’t see the illusion buried beneath my skin?

His deception played upon the acts and thoughts
of others, stirring forth the definitions they wished to hear, that they wished I’d be
and as day’s continued, in this space I grew lost,
even questioning if I was better served with the beast controlling me

All I could do, was sing a Ballad of Foreign Astral Tongues:

????????????????????  ???????????????? >> >>

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  1. this is a very interesting write...interesting perspective.. i think the more we think we know someone, the more we are in danger to not realize how they change in the one or other way or completely.. we get betriebsblind as we say in german..

  2. this really takes off after death when you hit the astral plane...smiles...i think by the reading you get more comfortable there as well...it is interesting to think about what comes next....interesting bit of story telling...

    my fav stanza:

    And even when rapt in these songs of sin
    no one noticed that these words were not mine,
    were his seductive charms so aligned,
    they couldn’t see the illusion buried beneath my skin

    your song sounds very much native american...

  3. Fantastic you say, pffft The cat doesn't know if he'd go that far haha. To be able to astral project above ones self and see life from a different wave length of sorts would be interesting to say the least, as long as we could come back into our body that is.

  4. There is so much more to us than we even begin to know and what we do know is so little even though we have come a long way in this past couple of hundred years. This really makes you wonder about all of it

  5. Rocking the metaphysical drifts beyond the veil! So awesome to come out of the sickbay to recharge on poetry! LOVE "the thieves move about in the circles I have built" and the reading is AWESOME!!! Nice to be back, indeed! And I would join you in that chant if I could...we need the spirit of the drum to dance with us!

  6. This reminds me of how people take on different identities in the safety of the web. Great job, Fred!

  7. Mark Kerstetter did a very interesting video post this weekend about which me is me, who are we to others and ourselves...I think our personalities are very volatile and take many forms, but I also think, we can't escape in them from who we really are...excellent, thoughtful piece with some great lines, Fred. I really liked "The thief moves about in the circles I had built..." and "... in this space I grew lost,...questioning if I was better served with the beast controlling me..."

  8. I've often wondered what it might be like to step outside myself--to finally free myself of me. would they notice? would they like me better? would I like me better?

    but the whole idea of watching--not being apart--freaks me out a bit. at least there's music in the astral plane.

  9. Powerful metaphysical adventure... I often walk with the feeling I'm not alone in here and I seek to see from a different vantage point. Very unique... I much enjoyed.

  10. It's something I absolutely believe in and want to train myself to do.. asral travelling... have you read The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach? He and his partner at the time train themselves to be able to do it lucidly together.. amazing... I can lucid dream but not on demand (yet)... you play with some interesting concepts here