Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gaia Hypothesis

A zephyr’s kiss, of gusts and gales,
slowly strips the suffocation
from a mid-march air

A cloistered cache, evinced
of polarizing vespers—found strung,
tied within a vanguards gate

Harbingers of a typecast trichotomy,
bred to enunciate meaning behind the
grammars, masticating upon wisdom eschewed

Angels laced in iron-wrought
spiral indecision, sidling tween
walls, vaults and seam

The cost an artist pays
endowing life unto each
his renderings

Lucid posterns—unhinged
by premeditative discrepancy—
release the encrusted panes

Onyx painted Oriels—jut in cantilever
supporting cornice and balcony
amassing all which jalousie would not let glow


Where ravens spite elocution’s cause
smiting foundations teem in gaze, as
vociferates travail miasma’s stygian haze

Of beleaguered artisans—indentured
and accosted by, philosophies buried deep,
within the fissures of an unripe mind

Burnt by reactions—forepassed, bygone—
already in the apertures, ever-afflicted
by assiduous decline

Emotive assailants inaudibly defined,
by repeals bound asunder to both
infinite space and burrowed time

While piercing deep the flesh, simply to feel something,
newborn talons scar
what attrition’s left to be tamed—

And as the chasm sprawls, its untenable vortex
spreads wide and vast—until ouroboros forms first gasp;
 a beacon, indicating that soon, the future will become the past


  1. there is a bit of surreal menace in the truth of your close...and the cost of imbuing life into our work...yes there is one...small bits given...

  2. lots of cool symbolism and images in this..lots of thoughts as well to ponder...there is a price an artist pays..yes..i think there is.. when i look at the life of some of the big painters for example, i always wonder if i had been willing to pay that price..

  3. Like the ending you convey is that really happens more and more everyday. Sad how most of it could be stopped too, if people had any sort of clue. But then the nature of the beast I guess is to make everything a mess. Instead of learning and growing, the same crap keeps showing.

  4. "masticating upon wisdom eschewed"

    That is so cool.