Monday, August 20, 2012


If rain thirst drought
as drought serves no man,
will mankind free his inhibitions then,
allowing tears of iniquity to flush far each his sin?

A sad civility
reckons, burdens sorrow
retracting solace,
from the disheartened soul
replacing its hollow vacancy
with and unquenchable flushing

There be dangers in and around every prick of pin-
ascertaining direction yet to befall the saddles burrowed
deep within the skin—carrying with it the karmic code to
dusted indistinguishing, forging forth the iron mitt, whose
sole inebriety is to chafe reminders and refashion the flesh impaired

If rain thirst drought
as drought feeds man,
will mankind drown, upon the
tears of joy there he finds?


  1. nice...i like the progression in this...seriously solid use of language as well...replacing its hollow vacancy with unquenchable flushing....nice....smiles.

  2. Everything can cause a thrill and pay the bills or it can easily bring about kills. I guess there is just a balance we all have to find somewhere along the way, just too bad the greedy arses ruin it for everyone else and suck them into such a flooding abyss of a display.

  3. Profound, thought-provoking piece, Fred!