Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Rave-A Stream of Consciousness Groove

Ten Thousand lights Ca-rash unto
My resurrection, finding fault-lines
In all my mis-directions—kissing, coddling,
Cuddling up, to all the baron ketones submerged
Deep within my blood—collapse, regain-composure
Malignancy benign—hewing down the tripping thrush—
Pushing clutter—mussing dust—painting ridges upon the
Smooth—acting out when polity’s abused—dance alone to
Gain attention, free the arms and let the torso flow so—
When the eyes don’t care and the mind gets hollow—short or tall,
Big or small, the legs will follow the hollow die, rapping around in orbital floe, icy free to take the warming’s place, so much freedom, no need to trace, just sprawl about until you feel your captor’s face, teedle-di-deedle-e-dum- fe-fi-fo-fuming for fun, trance ignites in the emptiness of night—when shadows don’t react to light, they just groove till their mood is tight—flipping out into other’s sides, turn to see the smiles fly—never hearing the why, only doing what the feeling shows, ever long the emotions grow…

Out of breath, on a bench, sweat drips down the tile below, niacin flush upon the skin, hair drenched, clotted thin, opening up each pore, entering the steam created here—exhausted but alive, forever and a night


  1. in the emptiness of night—when shadows don’t react to light... i like your stream of consciousness...good to just let it flow at times and give in to the rhythm..alive...

  2. very lyrical at points man...really like the opening two lines they pull you right into def captured the feeling in it...

  3. Teedle dee sounds like a crazy person to me hahaha but works so well, and is so swell. Although quite the incursion of sweat, to bother my ocd you bet. All one can hope is to be alive and afterwards they could be even more so as they continue to survive.