Monday, August 27, 2012

Unrefined Opinions

An indentation fixed upon
Those spliced agendas
         Too often ignored

By salutations bred in happenstance,
An uneasy gullet appears, stirring forth an awkward shuffling of
         Distracted feet

“I think I’ll have Chinese”
“sounds great…ooh, I’m
getting the California roll”

Sometimes it’s best not to offer penance when there is not a scar to erase—
Sometimes it’s best to allow the errors come back naturally, rather than explaining away some insignificance…
Tell that to the Japanese….
Tempura right
Damn ignorance is like a jackknife into a pool of rocks
But, it’s an offense even the most cautious and
Deliberate must at some time defend—
         Which of course
Does not absolve the responsibility stirred
In restitution’s anti-trust…
         It most certainly doesn’t exonerate one from their bigotry, just because one was born that way, taught that way, only lived a life in an environment as such….for if it did
         Well then we’d wind up with too many jackasses on parade, evil so and so’s dancing about with equality’s severed head dangling from a blood soaked hand—
                                    And all of our disgust will swiftly wipe away with a singular flash of that mentos smile…glimmering in obnoxious pools of blissful unconsciousness
         Only to awake the next sunrise
Wondering where the throbbing brow was first born
         And when the recognition finally sifts the clues together, pasting the picture back to whole…the nausea hits

and overcompensation seems the natural recourse—which
will seem forced, be out of character, out of place—thusly
it’ll seem false—which, of course, it is…not the actions necessarily, but the motives behind them, and I sit here then, wondering, which type of bigotry is worse…

There’s no easy answer
Lengthy deliberation will
undoubtedly paint some foul
sometimes, it’s just best
to shut up and seem cold and uncaring—
which, of course, you can write off as being afflicted by demons you’re trying to sort out, or you are going through a bad patch, depression has a hold on you, yadda yadda yadda, and the like, all viable reasons, but those ready to condemn you, don’t care about what got you to where you are, they just want someone, anyone to blame…they want a goat, so once again, they can be reassured when they look in the mirror—

an epiphany delivers
it’s message, loud and clear
         like a drop of blood
                  in a lake so clear….


  1. ignorance is like a jackknife into a pool of rocks...aint that the truth....ha, you had a bit of fun in the recording of this...i really like the voice inflections....

  2. Yeah opinions are fine but if you can't be open to someone elses views then one should shut their pie hole and go away. Still as you say they will defend and have other defend their ignorance, only strenghing such stupidness.

  3. I loved this piece--especially as it moved to conclusion--and your ending gesture is really finely penned---