Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tangent Away

Brisk flashes, suddenly appear
from the vale, they shutter
they jab, they prod, they spear,

Distorting hues collect their mirage
from distant skylines, here
we dodge, in a myriad of triumphant shades

Corruption has a face, one
we’ve all worn, that can still, even to this day,
be seen, if you only stop and stare into memories well

Fate is like a twisting, gnarled root,
always seeking and searching, for the
nourishment found in an ever expanding route

Whenever the weight pushes down—in
ways that you can never properly explain—where pressure mounts
heavy, leaving breaths aghast, just remember….

just remember, that, in all your many unsettling gasps, with every frightening tremor felt deep inside, when overpowering swirls of distress alter your sense of self, bringing nothing but damaging pictorials of imagination…just remember….

Just remember...
you’re only ever a tangent away
from a more compatible shade of day


  1. This feels comforting. We're just a tangent away from a lot things if it all applies. It also seems to imply one doesn't have to make a big shift to move towards or away from situation or mood.

    "Compatible shade of day." -- that would be my new way of describing the day if someone asks me how is my day. "It's of a compatible shade." :D

  2. dang...some really great lines in this fred...Corruption has a face, one
    we’ve all worn...that is like a one two punch....and fate like a gnarled tree always searching....love that....def like the thought behind this as well...

  3. Just a nice thought that everything can be turned around should we look for something else to be found, really nice flow to it too and surely something one should remember when the bad crap comes due.

  4. so encouraging fred...tears...was just what i needed today...so...thank you...

  5. Yes - very encouraging - it makes me think of disparate universes, but also something much closer to home. k.

    PS _ thanks for your very thoughtful comment on my site. k.

  6. Oh, that's a brilliant ending!

  7. Great.....yes the last lines are just brilliant!