Friday, August 24, 2012


her physical flavoring
and consistency
changed instantaneously
from one moment to the next

color wheel spins through each tone
covets the rainbow
altering her hue and shade
impossible to define

an attitude like none else,
of the air and sea
shuffling between Drama-mean
and a healthy sense of self

impossible to predict
her conversations
switch from the incoherent
to the profoundly immersed

sometimes she’ll crawl on all fours
then stand ten feet tall
she’ll have her ups and her downs
happy when there should be frowns

She’s unique always
she’s best friend and enemy
shifting all the time
forever incongruous
it’s a race just to keep up

and I liked her everything
and I’ll forever be changed
I won’t see the same again

and if you can, you should too
you won’t ever understand
but somehow, you’ll always know

Head on over to D'Verse, where Characterization is the theme for Meeting The bar.  Take a chance to read Victoria's wonderful write up as well, you'll be glad you did.  I took a bit of an abstract angle at character here, had this wordplay idea in my mind all morning, so, when i saw the topic I thought I'd see about applying it to character.


  1. I had a friend like this. So contrary. Like a butterfly, she'd flit into my life and then leave again and wouldn't hear from her for weeks on end. In the end I got sick of a one sided friendship and let it go. This reminds me of her Fred. I think we all need to constantly change with what we learn but, I don't like fickle and contrary.
    Great read, thanks :)

  2. huh while wildly interesting, i would maybe find it hard to live with someone that was so constantly changing...the opening stanza is really cool...i like the creativity of opening with her taste...

  3. Those two faced cronies can be quite the cross to bear. But yeah sometimes they can make for a fun affair, just have to try and suss out which version of them you are dealing with, of course switching back and forth is easy for many so could be rough.

  4. Like the play on the word, really turns the word into a person. Enjoyed hearing you read it as well, the way you say Met-a-morpho-sis, variant in tone saying it is interesting too. Met or Meta. Morpho sis, morphosis...

    Love it.

  5. ha - really like your take on the prompt fred - this constant moving mindset, always surprising, never boring...i like

  6. and they wonder why cannot figure them out... nice work Fred.

  7. Great twist on 'sis' and meeting and morphing well-detailed and creatively cataloged, Fred. Some of us seem to have a lot more cocoons to run through than others, but often that makes the most beautiful creature.

  8. Nice crafting of character bipolarity.

  9. Living close to someone like that is like walking on eggshells.

  10. Like the play on the word too. Cleverly crafted piece of an impossible friend...I had a friend like that...

    Anna :o]

  11. I love this clever take...and, yes, some of us are changeable, unpredictable and confusing. But, I see, interesting enough to be the source of poetic inspiration. It was fun to listen to you read it, Fred, although Yahoo told me I wasn't worked though.

  12. Oh I took this as a sibling relationship - thus the emphasis falling on "sis". I didn't have siblings but I had three children. There either pushing away or pulling toward one another. I think they find the others unpredictable, yet fascinating and wouldn't want to be without them. Wonderful analysis of a relationship - as are all- constantly in flux!