Monday, August 6, 2012

Blind To Periphery

Blind to periphery
Deaf to anything emitting estranged lips—
Hunting for verbs when a plethora of consonants writhe intangibly by the weeping wounds concealed by striated grief—
Feral and straying from the path that light guides feet towards—
Ignorance of enigmatic gates, ignorant of the ellipsis of never-ceding fate, you crumble softly upon the shield of those that fell first, in a shining misperception of self

Non-stop layovers
overstepping functionality
of shapelessness. Forms and
fragmentations sympathetically
frighten systems ever
skewered by the partitions
that stir connections between enmity and the ingratiated—
ever arching and over-reaching
spans and sprawls of doldrums
constructed solely to offer control 
to otherwise distortional groups of experimentation
that when sung, embellish all that’s pretty and pure,
creating caricatures too severe to ever be considered
anything more than pseudo-speak—
relationally inept monstrosities
 remotely kept to score the sensations of relations
as to what is, and bound to be necessity—all
too often these pronouncements purge within, the waves and turns
forever tumbling through the tumults in our acidic wake

When you are alone, the internal monologues
never seem to die—instead
words and dialectical compositions
continuously loop back and about
awry the confusing preambles retort—
triangulating the precipitation upon the brow,
and then appears, the invisible degradation, the corruption
of motility, the vagrancy of ability, in flux stasis, gyrating in solitary
confirmation, lens of laughter, peering at you through the shafts of radioactive thought processions, creating, haunting
the cyclicality of mood irrigating all paths to come, all ruts we’ve succumbed from.


  1. nice...i like the change of pacing between the first stanza and the second...your word play is fun...particularly in that last stanza...i like the hunting for verbs line...ha..much...have a wonderful monday made me work at this one a bit...smiles.

  2. Can be a fickle thing, at one point we think this at one point we think that, all depends on how we see or feel or 100 other things I suppose. Still somethings will always be a pain no matter how I look at them, like god awful remakes haha that just popped in.