Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Few Effects of Impairment

A tightening stirs
Immobilizing in pain
The joints frozen—stained
In locations as they were
Before the adjustment came

Constraining incurred
Emblazoned by a whisper
Documented lines
Harboring the fugitive
Corruptions we all possess

Temptation’s window
Opens wider then the jamb
Allows the entrance
Of paralysis, trapping
The frozen center alone

A broken word is
Never different than a lie
Except, a promise
Never can atone aptly
For the distrusting seed sown

Upon barren soil
Ironically weeds find light,
Thriving distractions
To the arthritis within
Where locked you stay, motionless

The spine’s rigid grip
Sinning perpetually,
Protracting rarely
Encompassing all things known
Blanketing your surroundings

In a coal scented
Terror, alone you can feel
Others may suggest,
But they feign recollection
Betraying their ignorance

By indicating such
Knowledge acquired, lies breed
Like the primal flame
Searing a dishonesty
Into this facade flesh wears

Dreams of future live
Not in imagination
But through naïve eyes
For a soul untainted, is
Unquestionably joyful

Hope resides in thought
Connected to times before
When truth was enough
And faith, never burdensome,
But intrinsically sought for

Views of paradise
Can shift spatial boundaries
When grace is allowed
Entrance to your garden path—
Bestowing bounty in bliss

He who is hindered
May find himself limited
The ability
Of harnessing acceptance—
A concentrated skillset

Suffers in disabled hands
Showcasing angles
Too obscure to contemplate,
The many depths fathomed in

Herniated storms
Infect cervical tracts, past,
Physical torment—
And can alter confidence
To obfuscating borders

Misalignment greets
Thoracic mornings early
With destructive grins,
Screaming, writhing, begging for
A semblance of relief

Lumbar’s distressed touch
Violates the cord caressed,
Suppresses motion,
Inhibiting direction—
Fluidity begs for release

Chiropractic dreams,
A return to freedom’s past—
Before the dirge struck,
Therein restricting all thought—
An addiction to those hurt

Freeing compression’s coiling
The constrictive malady
Of nerves compacted by spine

Teach effects of pain


  1. some really wicked lines in this....some of my favs...Dreams of future live
    Not in imagination
    But through naïve eyes
    For a soul untainted, is
    Unquestionably joyful....ha there is some interesting wisdom in that...and i feel you on the experience others want to share at times....and how it rings...

  2. Uggg this one surely hits home as Pat was fecked up and unable to roam, getting there now though. I couldn't use getting on my nerves, as they were shot already haha sucks when your sayings don't work.

  3. The pain is palpable as you sculpt a very human figure, beautiful and terrible. A work of art out of the deepest torture.