Monday, September 17, 2012

The Pleasantries Conjured By Lute

Somedays we unwind
by wandering aimlessly
Stuttering in calm
collections of blank dream state
Freely floating cloudiness

I like to do
other than
turn on some
music, grab a glass
of water
and sing along

someone once told me
the value of multitasking
to which I just wind
up distorting the seams
blending the lines
and creating visions askew

And then
there are points
where all I want
to do
is listen to the
sounds of medieval fairs
where the inspiration
of the lute
never fail to illustrate
the potential in us all.

Just a quick piece, something to wind down from a long day.  Kind of stream of consciousness, well it was to begin with anyhow.


  1. i feel you man....just cut the music on, find a comfy seat and did good this weekend....good size crowd as well...good job sir.

  2. Yeah just helps to sing a long some times, even if like the cat you can't carry a tune in a bucket, oh well duck it and do it anyway haha

  3. It sounds most ideal. :) I agree with the bit about multitasking. Trying to do two things at once means not doing either as well nor enjoy either one much.