Saturday, September 1, 2012

On Our Walk

Stop on over to the New World Creative Union for their Wednesday Wake Up Call.  It's great creative fun that you'll look forward to each week.  This week we're prompted to return to our comfort zones.  They're also discussing fairy tales, nursery rhymes and the lot.  All in celebration of Pat's newest Book.

I wrote this a while back, but I think it fits in with this week's Wake-Up theme.  Well, anyhow...

Please listen to the recording, to get the full flavor of the piece.

I went for a walk with my nieces two…
Down the street and by the school…
The three of us watching all there was to see

‘twas when appeared the first so free
little birdie spoke to we
tweet, tweet, tweet
and so our little walk grew to four
the girls said they hoped for more

until we glanced a monkey in a tree
tossing banana peels with glee
…..ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
The bird returned and spoke its mind
Tweet, tweet, tweet
And now our little walk had climbed to five
The girls loved how the group thrived

And on we went a little more
‘twas when we met a little cat
who thought he was so mighty fat
Meow he called to us
To which the monkey and the bird replied
And now our little walk grew to six
The girls loved the mix

Until there came a cow so tame,
It chimed its bell and spoke it’s name
Moo, moo, moo
And the bird replied in kind
The monkey chose to speak its mind
The cat went meow
And so our little walk turned to seven
The girls thought this was animal heaven

Until we saw duck
Quack, quack, quack
The cow said hello
The monkey then did bellow
While the bird went tweet
And the cat meowed with intent
As our little walk became eight
The girls thought this was so great

Until we saw a frog,
Playing games on his log
They said hello, but the monkey yawned
The cat meowed and the bird went tweet
The cow was quiet, but soon he did greet
While the duck simply quacked by its feet
what began as three was now nine
The girls thought this walk was mighty fine

Until we came to a little dog
Chained up still barking a song
And the Cat went Meow
The Bird did tweet
The monkey spoke
And the frog took a poke
Then the cow went moo
While the duck always kept his cool
As our little walk became ten
the girls have always loved our walks since then 

For those of you that enjoy children's stories, I highly recommend you stopping by Pat Hatt's Site, where he has links, or simply going to Amazon and searching for his name.  You'll find a series of kiddie books, which are all very good, enjoyable for kids and adults alike.


  1. ha this was fun...i like all the things you can see and in writing for kids you have to look through their eyes a bit at the things they would notice for sure...i love taking walks and my boys do as well..

  2. I like this, Fred. All the more enjoyable when I listened to you read it!

  3. haha this would surely be enjoyed with all the animals about making noise. The cat would surely meow and then have the bird for lunch, at least that is my hunch haha. I don't find them hard to do, as in a day I can come up with 4 or so with ease, I guess I just have creative fleas haha and thanks for the shout.

  4. I think you should submit this, Fred... it's great!

  5. Haha...I really enjoyed this Fred. Even my little dog lifted his head at some of your animal noises...haha
    What a great imagination you have to do all this and I really loved hearing you speak/sing it as opposed to just reading it.

  6. Ha! Very charming, Fred. It's very cute. I've done one very short illustrated counting book for chlldren - 1 Mississippi (with elephants of course), and a young adult novel - Nose Dive.

    Also a couple of manuscripts for chapter books- it is definitely harder than it looks! k.

  7. Fred
    A delightful tale which children, young and old, would delight in...

  8. Delightful Fred
    I think writing for children is not only fun but it opens the mind to a world that children see naturally

  9. What a delightful walk. :) Love hearing you read it. I posted an older one of mine.

  10. excellent excellent excellent, fred! you wrote a fantastic childrens story! love it