Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Times of Space

Seconds linger in my eyes,
Shadows flutter their soldering hell-byes
Interesting creatures our darkened sides can be,
They choose static greeting over growing sentimentality,
And some days they will just stand there and peer deep within,
In times of Space I crave withdrawal, I need retreat,
Minutes hover in the sky,
Chandeliers softly sway- as chandeliers do when touched by hand,
Diamonds tossing to and fro, clinking, clanking the once hidden prism’s light,
Swinging and moving rhythmically
The cast off, a saturating amber glow,
Reminders, Reflections, Images seen through veiled eyes
Swinging and moving to a disturbing rhythmic beat
This light fixture, this glowering perfect beacon of despair,
 Architecturally sound, yet seemingly incomplete,
It shall transform, in figure and form,
A pendulum shall soon take watch over me,
Moments tread and seconds flail,
The shadows will find me in no time now, 
Hazy thoughts will not remain covert for long,
 Soon my every thought shall spill through the room,
Forced to listen to stories which bear no part in this tragedy
Their coy inflections and the painted smirk I struggle to create,
Then they pause…..And all I want is time of space.

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