Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Origin Story

I've been meaning to create a blog for much some time now.  There are numerous reasons as to why I've never got around to starting one until now, the main ones though are my key 3 vices in my life, Distraction, Procrastination, and exhaustion.  Distraction and Procrastination seem to go hand in hand, or at the very least procrastination really becomes the product of distraction, and as far as exhaustion goes, I really, at this point, just have to deal with it, I require certain prescriptions due to injuries sustained a few years back and being overly tired just seems to be one of those side effects that pester some and not others, I happen to fall in line with the pestered crowd.

In any case I've finally gotten my bearings about me, at least for now, and hopefully this blog will provide numerous benefits:

1.  The top reason I'm creating this site is for therapeutical reasons.  I feel that if I set something in motion, this blog, and place myself in the committment circle, making a promise to myself first and foremost, and then to whomever chooses to visit, then I'll be more productive in both quantity and quality of material as well as helping me sort out the days and create some form of order in all the chaos that seems to almost hourly smother me.

2.  Another reason for this site is to help me deal with ideas and issues, sort of a sounding board, and I find it easier and more enjoyable to work things out via poetic output.  This is kind of an important idea, as I'm really about learning through the subconscious mind, and believe the mind truly does speak to us when we give it time and a medium, of which I find poetry to be the perfect medium.  So upon completing a piece I'll look at it from all sorts of angles, internally that is, and see what I can get out of it, so at times the work I post may not be what some would call complete.

I prefer working with first drafts as they seem to be the truest connection to ones' soul.  Occasionally I'll analyze something I've written and then change things up a little, that is if I can consciously think of a more cohesive or more descriptive way to state the message I feel the first draft contains.  However, by doing this I may be changing something important, something unintended for change and quite possibly would be distorting the meaning altogether, so this will be and up in the air type of process as to the when and where I alter pieces.  I will however make mention if the piece is a first or subsequent drafting.

3.  As with any piece of art released for public consumption, I'm hoping that readers can find ideas or images which they can relate to either directly or indirectly, and hopefully provide their minds a vehicle from which they can springboard over hurdles in their lives, bandage wounds that were at one point seemingly clotless, or just provide a momentary respite of inspiration. 

I'm not ignorant enough to believe that everything, or anything for that matter will create a spark or a salve or help/assist anyone else, but that is my hope and intention here by posting pieces that have helped me out, or pieces that I feel could possibly help others out.  But each person is different, and each mind works in completely unique fashions and that, in my opinion anyhow, is what makes reading and writing poetry, the varying interpretations we gather and create, knowing and unknowing, such a special medium.

At times I'll list ways in which a specific piece has helped me, but not too often as I really don't want to force-feed my own interpretation upon others, or skew their experience in any way, so unless the message I received was so profound and need feedback regarding such a message I'll probably leave the piece intact without impression for everyone to delve into individually.

I do request and encourage comments from anyone who cares to share their voice on a piece or if something they read affected them in meaningful ways.  This, the ability to share and interact, is probably, in my opinion, the greatest gift this vehicle of expression has to offer, and is the main reason I've been kicking myself time and again to get something up and running.

What you've just read here will almost certainly be the longest piece of non-poetic conversation published.  Occasionally I'll broadcast things I've experienced or issues that come to my attention, of which I'd like an audience, but again that is not what this site is about, and for the most part, outside of comments and response to comments, won't be part of the daily offerings.  This site is about a lot of things, discovery, relations, sharing emotion etc...so I do apologize regarding the completely non-poetic origin to this site, and wish to state I simply felt it necessary to explain certain things, before things get really going, so everyone knows how I plan to operate and what readers should come to expect of this site.

My first piece will be coming soon but until that time I look forward to sharing and discussing all things poetic that consistently swim around this persons mind.

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