Monday, January 31, 2011


Chin to the shoulder,
Locks assail the eyes insecurity, lash growing longer,
 Phantoms pressing stronger, a torsos’ quest for purity hindered in spinal insecurity,
A mental shift is taking place, doors will break and secrets bleed, acuity diluted from forge to wake,
Chimeras and the emotionless candor of a paradigms’ quake,
Skin colorless, pores tight to touch, sweating venom
 As procured vision corrupts,
A postulate case of acute asunder,
Desperate prayers spoken in distress,
A fever born from out, flexes within,
Worlds of words, submitting to a plundering plight,
Grasp then fall, clasp then crawl, around the corner
 Rivers of dementias’ beckoning call,
Implied paranoia, injecting gall,
Mind growing colder, will tasting stale
Eyes to the front, Ears in the right,
Vision off centered, audibly censored,
Eyes in reverse, Ears leaning left,
Sight unseen, Decibels in splendor,
Cadence coming from beyond each corner
Footsteps bolder, Breathing faster,
 Knees chest high, piston-like thunder,
 Chin to the shoulder, Chin to the shoulder

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