Sunday, January 30, 2011


Bring forth your arsenal,
Blue skies distant once again,
You’ve fallen down on hardened time,
Relegated to observe the tyranny,
The Humiliation, the decay,

Blow up the routine,
Redraft that scripted page,
Cast blame, cast doubt, unto old premises’,
Dehydration filled affirmations,
Soon, one day, you’ll know, if not already,
What it means to be without…

Take shelter from the falling sky,
Warheads above, high and wide, from shore to highest tide,
The shrapnel comes from every side, in all directions; debris comes nearer than the scriptures tell

Hide your pretty face tonight,
Else scars may claim the loveliest of smiles,
Brandishing your sword this eve,
Ripening that bayonet,
Your shield will not defend, against the evils which have come
Kneel beside your holiest place, holding preciousness to your chest, clinging tight to conviction,
Clutching out for a last embrace, close your eyes, soon time will erase.

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