Saturday, January 29, 2011

Razors in the Pillowcase

Exhaustion praises diligence
Of, he who rests his head,
Passing love-notes to those who clasp at comforters
Fawning over she, who lowers lids,

Time will pass during moments encased in the sand-man’s keep,
Rain could fall, ground may shake,
Luxury surrounds the captive
While mythic figures multiply,
Bowing in subservience, shedding homage for the breath they take,
Requesting permission for enemies to hunt and slay,

The cock then crows and lights pierce through,
Blinds and curtains,
Drapes and darkened tint,
Masks to wear or veils to cloak,
None shall survive when facing the break of day,
Inevitability is alive and inevitability always gets its’ way,

The mind shall leave pleasures wrapped,
To return, perchance another glance,
For now and every time hereafter,
Like razorblades within a pillowcase
As fate dictates, the flesh shall awake.

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