Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At The Entry Gate to the Palace of the Star Burnt Trophy Children

We gave great kid…
At least that much we know as true…

We are the few
The privileged
The rotten core of the camera’s eye

Innocence has long been dead
Traded in for the fifteen minutes that got us here
Innocence lies dying
In a golden pit of love deposed
Victims to the shutterbug
Strengthening its venom
With each million dollar pose and seductive stare
Yet I find it all too severe
That no one ever warned us
Of the violence in a pout
 That instantly purged the air

Hope is but a scapegoat for the common type
Not for those born unto the spoon of silver
For it’s those like us
That society loves until it fears
For it’s kids like us
Society loves to see self-destruct,
Always enjoying the ruin we predictably wear


  1. nice....the violence in a pout...pandering cameras, the spotlight is def not always kind, live by it, die by it and fame is ever fleeting....hope is but a scapegoat....nice last stanza man

  2. Yeah that is very true, for ones 15 minutes they let lots of nasty crap come due. And for society it does seem if you do something good they cheer you for a few minutes and you fade away but then you do something bad and you're remembered forever and sometimes they even cheer you louder, pretty pathetic.

  3. Awesome reading. Interesting piece seemingly on child actors who grow into teenagers and have ruined their lives through reckless living. On the side, it also makes me think of the rich and famous -- how their ruination are often fascinating to follow.

    The first two lines stick in the mind -- "we gave great kid" -- and after reading the whole poem, I think it means to admit that "we" provide entertainment, amusement.

    Love the title. "Star Burnt Trophy Children" a expression that nails it of those it refers to.

  4. I love the power of this! Excellent write, Fred.