Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Poetry Scavenger Hunt

Thought I'd do something a little different today.  It's the 4th of July and this takes me back to childhood.  Aside from the love of BBQ, Fireworks consuming the sky and getting together with family friends we didn't get to see all too often, I remember how I, and the other children, loved to play the scavenger hunt game.  We'd go to a friend of my parents house, and the had an enormous amount of land.  The adults would scatter trinkets, doodads, treats, small change and what nots throughout the property and then we'd get a list of what to find.

It was very similar to the Easter egg hunt, but different in there was enough for everyone to complete their scavenger lists, which, some of the children didn't wind up finishing, too which I still wonder, if the parents ever found all those hidden items, if they're still lingering around, waiting for someone to find them.

Anyhow, so this is where I'm going with today.  A Poetic Scavenger Hunt, of sorts.   To read the poem, click on each link, follow the directions, extract the word, words or lines and continue until the poem is constructed in it's collected entirety.

Stanza Two, Line 2, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Words,

First Stanza, First Line, Second, Third and Fourth Words,

Second Stanza, Seventh Line, First, Second, Third and Fourth Words-

Stanza Two, Third Line-

Second Stanza, Line Two-

Ninth and Eight words, respectively, from Finis,

Stanza Five, Line One

Fourth Stanza, First Line/line 4 word six (insert Comma), word seven

First Stanza, Fourth Line

Third Stanza, 2nd Line minus 1st word,(Insert Comma between 2nd & 3rd)

Last Stanza, Second Last Line, First four words.

First Line,

Second Stanza, Sixth Line (Omitting First Two Words)-

Fourth Stanza, Lines One and Two,

Second Part, Third Last Line,

Third Stanza, Fifth Line

Last Two lines.

Third Stanza, Last Line,

Fourth Stanza, First Line,

Eleventh Stanza, First Line-

Stanza Two, Last Line, Words Two, Three, Four and Five,

Fourth Stanza, Second Line, First Three Words,

Sixth Stanza, Third Line,

Second Stanza, Sixth Line minus First Word,

Third Line, Third and Fourth Words, Fourth line minus final 2 words

What a wonderful poem, If I do say so myself, which is even more amazing, is that I didn't even write a single word of it.  All I did is conduct this poetic orchestra, you, all of you poets, you are the instruments, and all the varied sounds that can and will often flow in such wonderfully unpredictable manners.  That, if I know anything at all, in a nutshell, politics or country aside, is Independence personified.

Thanks to all the wonderful poets I included in this piece, I could have gone on much longer, and would've liked to include many, many others, just theme that presented itself didn't mesh with the pieces I read today or it was simply a case of this project becoming a never-ending piece, as it quite could've been.

Well, just to update the Scavenger Hunt posting.  Hope everyone had fun interacting with the directions to form the poem, and hopefully everyone took the time to read all these fantastic poets I linked up to for this event.  Perhaps I'll do another one of these one day, it was fun to create.

Anyhow, seeing some time's past, I thought I'd enter the poem in it's entirety here, which should've been what you came up with while participating with the directions above.  Again, thanks for the positive feedback.

I wait to see,
A beautiful thing
dressed only in light

To fall from above
to wash my one wish-
-from my flesh,
with traces
that will be restoration and
high jumpin'/stars, trapped
on a rainsheened
door, hiding a naked shell
where all lies end

I listen to the silence
and sit in the shade of elms,
the sound of water over stones and pebbles
in and of itself,
heal this pain that destroys me daily
of innocence long forgotten

Between stillness and monsoon
my soul poured out,
bringing forth ease-

A cloud burst of sighs
salted our tongues
and swoons in small sweet gasps,
crying out
to express what flowed in my heart


  1. Wow, I am unbelievably impressed, this must have taken an eternity, and it is beautifully realized! Also, it was a ton of fun, though I should have printed your page as I made errors switching back and forth - ha. Best found poetry I've read and so cool to see the poets of dVerse provide the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Anna. Glad you had fun. It took me just under 3 hours to do. Yeah, the errors do come, I experienced that first hand, having to toggle back and forth, but then, at least for the composition, I figured out a way to keep the poem open side by side the blog interface, and that really helped the time it took. Thanks for the comments, really appreciate it

  2. Stealing from all at your hall, what a lazy sob LMAO, that was an awesome idea indeed. And the cat gets the prize of being the one with the longest stanza picked, I guess that means I'm long winded huh? hahaha took a while to get through with a slow arse work computer too, but quite fun at your zoo.

    1. LOL yep, that pretty much sums up me, which I'll admit freely. Glad you liked the idea and yep, the cat's words are certainly spun in with the fun. Slow computers are the worst, I remember when I had to use this really old laptop I had, actually still have, but don't use, anyhow, that was hell, waiting minutes where seconds should've fell, then freezing up and getting the hiccups, not fun surfing, no most definitely not at all pleasing

  3. How unique Fred, and what a time you must have had of getting this altogether. LOL Just under three hours... sheesh! What a truly wonderful idea. I didn't even realise your poetry were the links until I hovered the mouse over them, then...I must confess I cheated, looked at all the link URL's at the bottom left of my screen...LOL
    I cannot get over what a unique and very clever post this is Fred and, thank you so much for the mention :)

  4. a beautiful thing....smiles....haha this was did you set off to do this as you read or go back after the fact....what a mind you have to come up with this....crazy fun man....

  5. oh my goodness fred... this is awesome..what a great idea but it must have taken ages to "write" this...putting together all the bits and pieces...'re always good for surprises..what an awesome idea

  6. That was fun AND very good. :) Such a magical construction it seems, the expressions of different poets coming together and you building this one out of them. Bravo!

  7. amazing idea... um.. I got lost though... will you reveal the whole thing together as one at some point? I'm having a no-brainer :)

    1. Thanks Luke. Yeah, i got lost a little putting it together myself at first. Don't feel bad. I'm sure there are many more people that have experienced something similar, as this poem got a lot of views but as you can see, not that many comments. I will post the poem the directions form in a bit, probably going to give it a few more days to a week as it's still getting views. But I will post it eventually though. Glad you liked the idea, definitely something a bit different. Thanks