Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crystallization of the Soul (Frostbite)

vacation’s peak
where the wilderness
reenacts the fates forged
by cryogenic rendering

Tennis racquets tripping toes
pressing patterns upon
the treads of snow

Wolves amass over the icy ridge
watching, waiting
for the submissions of untrained eyes

Frozen, under glassy shards
frigid little stings, so harsh, so very
persistent is its brittle bite

Eventually, when in a perpetual state of numbness,
the pursuit of warmth grows forgotten, somehow
arriving at the point, where frost and irrelevance mix 


  1. True to life sometimes, as when things go in the crapper, sometimes you don't see anyway out and just sit in the crapper and accept it when one could get out if they tried.

  2. can you imagine being out int he cold that long for would be hard to get used to for sure...this makes for a great metaphor as well fred...

  3. arriving at the point, where frost and irrelevance mix ....this gave me shivers... isn't our soul a fragile things and we need to be careful to keep it warm.. fine write fred

  4. very evocative... gave me the shivers in the cold sense.. thanks for this great read, Fred