Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moveable Feast

Serration, bone to steel
Flesh—august in size, reeling—as moon-dance
Retracts its severance clean—immobilizing each the touches call

Penetrating, as one might a birthday cake, icing fresh the frosting of the elder pull—deliberating the wish to his recall—A whet-some yen shivers to pang—expiring through renewal, prior to the first arrival of a candle’s expending spell

Fever travails preeminent quells upon a selfish stage,
A variety of salts spray acerbically into the risen wound—
Gashed, unsealed, tormenting the object of permutations crave

Five-course offerings sustain savored grips to greed,
Where corporeal reins unbridle thee—beckoning forth a beacon to what this hunger weaves—writhing, as do wanton words, stricken roué from the expiated speech spoken by the faithless tongue

Shards of decadence purvey the hedonic vale, while
Sweet temperance restrains caution’s warning aright,
Creation stands in splendor, formulating realities from this succulence inside

Carving stations imbibe, in marinades a march to the witness stand—Marionettes proceed, as automatons—eager to obey this parlance prepared with that, which is offered as an exemplary of love

Provision’s table preserves those affirmations told, blindly braising catered affections toward pot-luck’s creed—“from whatever is available, a moveable feast is hence pronounced.”

Symphonic measures waive discordant beats—and yet, our fast bears gifts of providence, draying deep the depths untaught

Tantalizing archaeometries boldly season lust’s sautéed prevarications, as glimpsed within starvations
eye—proffering an awareness to the unfinished measures entwined resolves—
Telemetries unnoticed culinary fare, can, and often shall, alter the associations conducted by one’s own essence—where in that, the otherwise self-reserved—march pedantically—to arrhythmias held aglow—aroused by, in, aroma’s capacious light

Forbearance, indoctrinated by depravity, commiserates amongst the ranges tined apart—from whence once there lived dormant a voracity dispersed, now spurned reaches ensnare us from delicacy and it’s fanciful fate preserved, whilst, here astir, are now such strange edacities aligned

Is it illusion or dominion o’er its savored self? Breadth—breaded in charisma, dignity—seared and fried, unclothing of its sired mystery, dancing deep and baring all—a prelude to the tendered fragrances beheld by imagined sin

Exposure is surmounting—resiliency’s ceding to this simmering felt—mixing, churning taste to touch—celestial flavors adroitly spooned within

Steadfastly engorged, the thickening becomes—glazing’s sticky-sweet spreading thin, until the unraveling of will succumbs anent desire’s lissome kiss  

Through a bronzed seduction—exigencies claim throne again—dictums pronounce, all denials be denied…and echoic of the evening prayer, indulgencies reap concurrence loud…for what passion sows…God shall not withhold… such longings repressed for Heaven’s gain…need not be-gone nor untold any longer…

In rapt, mere moments from, the sprig of parsley shall go unmentioned, as it rests—abandoned, like the guilt deposed hollow by permissions song—

Regret may loom austere in times we’ve yet to meet, yet tonight…indulgency’s smile can only dared be replaced, by the psalms permeating through the apertures of need, blessing all those dining before the salvation’s granted here, where all creatures have a seat, at this, the table of God’s feast

Well, missed a whole week of posting.  Feels good to be back on tonight.  I've dealt with them on and off for years now, but hopefully these little funks I find myself in don't become as regular as they've been over the past couple months going forward.  Definite thanks to all the awesome poetry I did get a chance to read over the past week though.  Thank you Ipad:)  I do apologize for not commenting for the most part, just hadn't been up to it.  

But, that said, I did really love the two prompts since last weeks OLN.  Anna had a killer Postmodern article that I encourage everyone to read if they haven't done so yet.  While obviously missing out on the event itself, I have posted my piece for Meeting The Bar, from 10/4/12 over on my WP site, for those who want to check it out.

And for this piece I'm sharing now, for Open Link Night 65, is inspired by Claudia's Foodloose Poetics post from this past Saturday, 10/6/12.  Using food in one's poetry can be done in so many fashions, and adds flavor to one's work.  I'm guessing you like poetry, and if you also like food, (who doesn't right?), then you'll love Claudia's article and the delicious poems linked up to the Poetics event.  


  1. Is it illusion or dominion o’er its savored self?....great question and the stanza that follows it is probably my favorite in the piece...also like guilt as the parsley overlooked...miles.

    its good to see you man....i do hope the funk breaks....cause i enjoy seeing you around more...and hope it is just the season and will pass soon enough...

  2. Welcome back to blogland this one was sure grand, although such a spin must be a pain in the rump and so much more at your bin. But then one must push on I suppose, no matter the woes and find some type of hope, as that dark pit can be a slippery slope.

  3. When you bust down a barricade, you really do it in style Fred. I love all the permutations of words and unexpected surprises of construction in this. Food has never been explored in quite this way before. Having struggled with dieting for forty some years now, I've come to realize it is the continuous stream of choices that wear you down--like a religious hermit, exclusion of sensory stimuli can lead to surprising success mentally. It's only in the last year I've found a diet that works psychologically as well physically, and frees you from the constant cravings of imagination. (feel free to email me if you'd like any time--happy to share details.)Great fare laid out on the groaning board here at this moveable feast.

  4. Bonus points on the use of edacious, a new to me word, then again your lexicon is staggering. After listening to the recording twice I began to get inside the world you've created here a bit and see the complexity you illustrate. There's an intertwining of themes, metaphors, and symbols that created a gestalt, transcending the various concerns to form a sort of mythical cosmology. I'm still feeling my way through that thought so I'll just leave on it was affecting, it spoke to me of fundamental human need and beyond that for acceptance and communion. Magnificent work.

  5. wow...all the way while reading it i thought...this would've been perfect for the food prompt...smiles..but then...there's so much more than food...really tight interweaving of different themes fred

  6. Found this difficult to read Fred - so listened to your reading - which gave it clarity and your words are a moveable feast indeed!

    Anna :o]

  7. Wow, some great lines here. Nicely penned.