Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ghost in the Pane

Captive of This House, photographed by Moondustwriter

Face fleshed press to glass
In a prism of this stifling
Uncharted waves of tempered light
         Spatially charged with a dimension
Infused into all
                           Memories remain, yet soon shall fade
Clinging tight you dare not cede
         The last shreds of
Life and dignity

                  And I wonder why
                  Why’d you evade the reaping?
                  How is it his sickle found not thee?
                  Are you afraid, of how things will be,
                  When fragments are all that remain,
Incessantly tormenting with their sparse refrains?
                  I don’t know whether to smile or cry
I can’t decide if should pray for the reaper’s return
For I can’t see a fate forever resembling vengeance—
And here I must cry, for hell never had you in its plans…

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  1. Love the opening lines and this line will haunt me: "Uncharted waves of tempered light"

  2. hell never had plans for you...well that is a good thing...would suck to be forever stuck you a ghost in the least i would piece man...

    and i like seeing you more so hope the funk has flown the coop

  3. For hell never had you in its plans...FRED! That line alone cements this piece as a favorite for me...what a amazing build up to a killing blow amazingly well with Leslie's awesome image too...quite a pairing creators! :) And I'm back to the drawing board again ;)

  4. I say avoid such a thing, don't bring it back. It might give you a heart attack or drag you to hellwith Freddy and Jason, maybe Myers too. That would not be a fun crew.

  5. This has the basis of a good old horror story! Chilling indeed and deep, deep, deep...

  6. Excellent delivery a poemI want to read over and over but I'm afraid to ...
    There are two voices speaking in this piece
    one very old
    Thanks for this Wake Up!!!

  7. Hell never had plans for you...thank goodness it didn't. It gives such pain to think of a child stuck between death and life...Such depth in this one!