Monday, October 22, 2012

Internal Gardening of Weak Soil

Fermenting Enigmas
Grow unchanged as
Inherent guilt derives,
Deceiving their own

And then
You’ve created your own church, one
That bears a foundation made of wood, there,
For now, until, perhaps, true wisdom one day
Is granted and understood, layering the base
In cement and marble tiles

If and when that day comes to call, it will then be
Easy, to drop the match and burn down it’s every pew,
Alongside all the tenets you ever knew

Well-dressed in nakedness, you seek
That lake, the one, so easy to consume, you, wholly,
Absolved from all inadequacy, fostering a bed
From which the seed can promote, outward
Growth blessed from inner hope

And here, those enigmas, now fully steeped, disarm these anxieties in which you’ve so often spoke upon…. breaching the intuitive portions previously unexposed…for fear they’ll call you crazy


  1. great piece man...from the second stanza into the third is my we build those churches and find ourselves burning them down as well...there is much freedom when we do as well...

  2. Oh the cat would have fun burning it down. The big man may frown, but he'd still do it with a grin hoping for a slap on the chin at most when entering the pearly gate coast. Yeah went off there, as far as actually giving a care to what others think, pfft the cat just walks off and doesn't even blink.

  3. Wonderful piece Fred = well-dressed in nakedness - taking down the edifice. Really interesting piece. k.