Friday, October 12, 2012

Descending Verse

    Too many decisions, too few choices
Hues contrast faces, Lines fade voice    
           In corridors of conundrum
 Conversations break then hide
    Where colors crawl to die
    Dreams tend to falter
  When blinding view
        Oh, so cruel
         Can you

A story takes on many shapes and forms
                  Idling between grandiosity
       And tepid legends running worn
     Leaving watermarks and tears
      Atop the lost word’s brown
         Misguided guilt glides
            Un-gently down
          The Spines of
       Seams once

Lost tears saved, amassed in a Mason’s jar—
  Commingling with the saddening stares
       Is a lonely state, too pronounced
           To shy, too painful to bear—
   When hearts become hardened
     Thoughts often feign sick—
         Who then, Who Will
             Care for these

                A feeble meandering at midnight
                Infamously thrusts maleficence
                      Into familiar tones of grey—
               Wearing masks, attaching to
                  Parts carefully concealed
                          As if the shadows
                          Can preclude us

Over at D'Verse, Form-for-All is in full effect by now.  Tonight we were introduced to a Welsh verse known as the Englyn.  I have to admit, I gave it the old 15 years removed from college try, but unfortunately, I kept getting stuck, again and again and again.  Eventually I had to walk away, perhaps return to the form in a day or so, where hopefully a fresher mind will prevail. 

I definitely urge you to head on over though, hopefully you'll have better luck with it then I did.  It's a shame I couldn't get it down tonight, as reading through what's linked up, it does produce some really neat and fun poems.  The article is fantastic too, spells it out for you, gives some history, examples and plenty of links for further research.  It's so thorough, that I'm sure it's not as hard as I found it to be, one of those things I guess.  Perhaps one of those things where you go back and wonder how you struggled the first go-round.  Anyhow, definitely give it a try, but certainly read what the others have linked up, I think you'll enjoy yourself.

That all said, I thought I'd stick to the overall Form theme tonight and decided to remain in the syllabic state of mind as well.  I went with Descending Verse and did 4 descending poems, 10, 9, 8….1.  Always a good time with these, and super simple, which apparently is all I was able to handle tonight :)


  1. That was an interesting form, certaintly not the norm. Tears in a mason jar was a great line, much enjoyed by the feline.

  2. I like this so much more than the Englyn which I can't get the rythm of ... such strong words - touching raw spots .. made me cry, but a good cry. Thanks.

  3. tears in the mason jar is such a tangible image fred...and the wearing of hte masks in the last....will need to try this it makes for a pretty form on the page...and i feel you on form ha....this one must have been made for me because it came pretty easy but there are some that just kill me..

  4. Sad words Fred, spirralling down.

    Hope this is not you sir...if so, keep the words spilling, release the torment.

    Kind regards

    Anna :o]