Thursday, March 3, 2011


I used to love the spotlight
Occupying the central part of every stage,
I needed the company of strangers
I required their love
The reaffirming looks they provided me,

I always had the highest aspirations
Clouds could not contain
All the ideas I thought I knew,

I never paid attention to problems or side effects,
My life was how I had wished it was
At night others would sleep and have dreams,
To which they would aspire to,
I’d close my eyes and the dreams would review
The events I just completed that very day,

Time, Time shifts, Shifts away,
One moment you’ll have everything
The next they’ve forgotten who you are

My world is not what it once was,
Where I used to surround I now evade,
I once loved the attention,
Now I’ve gone underground, I’ve went rogue

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