Thursday, March 3, 2011


Painted Staircase
Coriander in the air
Warm vanilla gets you there
Pudding sliding down your tongue,
A feeling remembered can’t be undone,

Plush velvet slinks upon the geese you wear
Artistic exhibitions where midriffs bare
Funny shapes make you think
Facial quirks and subtle winks,
I know you then like I believe I know you know

Like cake batter upon the blending stick
The candle burning on both wicks,
Aromas of mint and basil bring you back
Return you nostalgic to times before,

Stainless steel, my heart’s composed
Every time I open up
Those who touch,
Imprint me so,
So easily, my love gets smeared

Will you plot me near a source of light?
Will you love me when it’s dark outside?

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