Friday, March 4, 2011

Talking Aloud So the Assassin commisioned to end my Life Can understand

Assassin I know you’re out there,
Hiding around some darkened corner
Sharpening your blades,
Or perhaps you work differently than the last five,
I supposed they told you, I’m much more dangerous than I appear,

Every word I hear sends shards like whispers through my ears
A Blinding language using verbs as fear
Each shadow lurking patiently
I escape their sinister smiles
All those participles, dangling like a shaft of steel,
Draped in blood, dripping clear,
Puddles all around me now,
Streams flow, consuming territoriality
Proclaiming dominance and walking proud,
For all their glory, those mercenaries arrived unprepared,

To challenge me, you have to obtain part of me,
If you fail to lure my sensations close,
You will hang yourself by the same throat you used,
 To etch your side of the pact; to speak those binding words, I will do,
When the Devil asked you for my life,
And try you will, but just remember five had also tried,
And soon you shall understand, the reason they all die; why I survive,
Is that God will always be on my side

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