Saturday, March 5, 2011


Longitude, latitude,
Ecclesiastics, Corinthians,
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
No garden to landscape
No hallowed ground,
No trees with fruit so edible
I’d be willing to sacrifice eternity
No wisdom could convince me,
No universal enlightenment
To play the fool upon my soul,

Cancer, Capricorn,
North Pole, Equator,
Desert of sand and lack of thirst,
The heat of the moment
Is much hotter than I imagined,
I visualize them still,
Vultures swimming circles
Above me in that hazy desert air,

Bitter tasting and repeating
Are the aftermaths and unpleasantries
Of uncooked shellfish and undercooked meat,
Nonetheless, devoured and digested, a quarter past the hour,
And that was days ago.

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