Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Resolve of the Stone Collared

Hours grow as big as nails
Tiny horses ride alone,
Quilts of stones retrieved
From martyr’s sides,
Tonight, the whimsical fury rides,

Minutes take the place of the masked man
Arms chop wood on a cool eve
Reinforcing strength at his time of need,
Closing eyes when the time has come,
The hardest part is when
Flesh is tripped and steel hits bone,

Protocol calls for a feast at dawn
Each widow gains a kings fold
Dramamine, Melatonin,
By the liter, by the bowl
Bittersweet ceremony,
Out with the familiar
In with the cold

Awake from your nap my child,
Rub those sleepers,
Times for dreams have past and gone,
Awake, for this day is yours

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