Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't Judge a Princess by the Gown

Yellow blankets of crisp together
Driving sheets of white weather
Alone, adrift in a sleepy storm

Fly into the eye
Swinging wrecking ball
To pendulum flow
Momentum gained
A renewal for, forsaken vows

Raspberry, oleander fields of clay
Sawdust graffiti is on its way
Smocks of justice, passion play
Sway young fledgling,
Sway to the rhythm,
The sound within
Becomes the sound without

Prim, proper, pristine frown
Severed soul in a peach sleeveless gown
Sparkles and glitter, charms and stitch
Ticker tape parade for our darling,
Smiling face, teeth white
A frowning chasm juxtaposed

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