Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Business Meeting

Dog hair crawls along the collar
You catch a glimpse after the turning point
Hope they aren’t as observant as they’re paid to be

What’s the poorest outcome?
So they are cat people,
I’m sure if they looked close enough
They’d find some orange cat hair too,

I shouldn’t fret over minimal effects,
I shouldn’t care what others think,
Especially those I hire,
Especially those types,
If they don’t I should not care,
I’ll find some other who won’t,

Being on edge all night long
Is not a place I can stand too long
My feet get tired, my knees grow weak,
Balance gets iffy, thoughts lean towards impolite
Spine is ravaged, like the pulsing vein above the eye,
I have no patience,
Let’s make this brief,
If it lasts too long
Doesn’t matter anyhow, they’re here now

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