Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Politics of love

Politics of love
It was a moon lit desert eve
When her vision first gained my notice,
I was but a fledgling,
Without the experience,
And she was the epitome,
What every magazine and movie
Said A woman should appear as,

A day removed this vision struck me yet again,
A portrait mingling amongst others of her ilk
Light, fruit colored dresses contrasting against black silk,
Fermenting in the pause, drunk through solitary stare

The third day ended my stay
As the driver pulled away
I could see her relaxing by the poolside
I turned around for one last glance
Wondering if I’d ever get such a chance

Then remembered something a mentor once spoke,
Politically, you cannot complain if you didn’t vote,
Your participation could have been the difference,
With it you alone can play a major role in your countries direction,
I believe the same can be said regarding matters of the heart

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