Friday, March 4, 2011

The Grecian Urn

A Grecian image repressed below
Hollowed and obscure repetitions
Bellowing the bellicose corporality
Of the enigmatic fourteenth leveled floor,
With marzipan appraisals, an arousal grows to form,
A delicate and well endowed schematic,
Full consisting in prosody, amongst
The revelers and pick wielding, self referred gentle men
Caustically surviving respite, while admonitions favoring valor, cluster honor  
In calypso flavored vanity as the soft arrivals fashion their consensus plan
Rapt upon pleasure, a depletion cost by birth, lost long before any chorus began its song,

The rise of historical significance breeds forth,
The demise of sensibility we watch now,
In a land of corruption, the voiceless sketch a face,
And the condemned, the blasphemed, the martyrs, silent as the elliptic; a cost of conscience

An urn, ornate in style, structure, indeed in form,
A once proud relic of tradition, a well played
Marker towards societal acceptance, a pawn which
Dictates the importance of traditional subjectivity
The symbol tells the story even when the contents are never exposed,
An urn today holds no meaning, speaks in convoluted story,
A special ignorance developed through chronology,
 Our foundations are much more delicate than those basins that came prior

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