Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fire Echo

Baritone, eunuch, astral projections of a second self, a parallel universe, In the air, everywhere, the space I breathe, the paprika from which I sneeze, the transparency of this aquatic parody, a squirrel racing against a fox, who is boasting with both hands outside the car, not noticing the trees, the beaver’s brought down just this morning…..Freedom….Antiquated….Yet without….A Third world Fire Echoes in triangular, rectangular, dancing monkey’s to a vaudevillian tune….Fresh and Focused, the delusions can take shape at any time, in any place, in any manner, with any face….A glass of Chardonnay my man, a voice speaks out from a far away land, an old Irish bar, made to look that way, but I was there when it was constructed, waiting hour after hour watching beams and girders placed and soldered, never underestimated why the Korean lady never called my number like she’d mostly do…From time to time, It takes me a while, but in due time I manage…Yeah, I manage fine…

Fostering the plaster board cadaver dogs and the juicy fresh sweet melon meat, Harpies harping hate, spewing craters of lava, molten vulgarity, breaking oath’s with each of me, the good, the bad and the presently, a disaster in our midst, a vulture swimming through the cul-de-sac, wearing a jacket, painted in fleur-de-lis, dropping extramarital evidentiary affairs, manned by suicidal chicken bombardiers, waiting for the time….Freedom, Desperate and Divine, Without where else Would I find a Fire Echo with my name///With your name tattooed upon the atmosphere surrounding mine….Echoic…Fresh…
Someone like you,
Great sense of humor,
A pleasure to be around,
No explanations required,
No requiem needed after one day at the park,
In the middle of December,
Watching seven drunken fat men pretending to be Jolly,
Stare at the folks on ice, skating in circles for no apparent reason,
But seem to immensely enjoy every second of it,

Fights breakout each time I’m with you, and I didn’t even start a single one, and when I asked If it would please you to have one crafted in your honor, you chose the high road, asked me who I planned on devoting my attention to, and even had a short list ready….Enabler, You love me dearly.

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