Sunday, July 31, 2011

Untitled Affection

You wanted it all
But I broke your fall

Since squire spotted curve
All energy within
Defines this nerve

Neon, in design
Yet she chooses wrong
When her face is lured
By stone of Rhine
Upon beds broken in
Atop beds broken through

You wanted it all
Again I broke your fall

Tears bore erosion across your mask
Bitter spasms you despise
Yet I pretend in sorrow
Empathizing for your lack

Yet so soon,
 The paints just dried
You descend
In flowered form
Jagged and bent
Erasing the seasons you’ve just spent
Into a chasm you have fell
Upon rock and ledge
Your canvas spills

You wanted it all
I could not breathe
Yet I let your fall be saved
Only to rearrange the words I say
Placing blame upon my table
When all I ever desired
Was to give it all to you
Every piece enabled
Every line and every cable
Perfecting your fantasy into songs of fable

Never enough it is with you
Each time closer you come to death
Each lock you lose
Every box you skin on through
A shock reacts the same
As it had, as it will
Yet break your fall again I will


  1. Awww the things one does, even when they don't want too. Never will do it again, yet it happens and we do it again. Or at least some do, others sometimes wise up..haha

  2. each box you skin on through...great feels like the narator is in love with a disaster but keeps enabling...out of a false feel of love...

  3. Perhaps the narrator should let her fall so she learns for herself, but it seems like he cannot bear to do that to the extend that he would endure her despise of him. I can't help but think that it causes her to 'fall' even more severely each time, because he wouldn't let her.

  4. Yeah this dude's really just a glutton for punishment. He's addicted to this woman yet she's clearly not into him at all. he keeps saving her though, thinking that he'll win her love that way yet it never seems to work out. Yes, absolutely he should let her fall, but he can't, so all he does is continue the cycle both of them are in, for her she feels like she's got a patsy to help her when she needs it, and him, well he becomes the patsy more or less for his own rationale. if he could just let her fall, perhaps they both could move on, or perhaps she'd realize what things are like without him there.

    Just a piece I had in my mind and thought I'd get it down. Glad you all enjoyed it, thanks again