Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hard-Boiled Flash-Fried

A piranhic fervor
Mashes slivers of contraband
Performing analytical gyrations governing
Stasis lariats plot and contextual unrest jots the clots
Beneath the freshly painted
Drying drip, enlarging the rather primitive gargantuan of diffusive tryst

A frigid portal balanced to
Temporal tracts of subterfuge
Lashed and leashed atop below
Flash frozen, hard-boiled symptomatic rungs of throe

Days rise, nights fall
Evening the promiscuous spawn
Articulating the sun’s pre-modulated yawn
Alive the art, influx of fuse
Feelings gripped until the rouse
Marked by sectors, hours minutes seconds
Abbreviated by imaginary stops, starts, pause and magnetic glares
Mourning requites the night-like tear
Transitioning quick from hear to their, bordering upon
Furnished lawns with chairs stacked beside pool-like ponds
Symmetric long-views stammering over conically inclined tinsel fawns
And so goes the mercantilian, with it’s sable skin and cryptic grin…


  1. Another theme day I see, had to go with the sickness and germs didn't you? Stirring up my ocd ..lol

    "Mashes" as you say in the second line really describes this one great, just such a mashed together type imagery feel to it and how can I not like the last line all in rhyme..haha

    "popping pills" stealing my lines now..lol..really went into some depth on sickness here. What I got from it was you can beat back the sickness in all stages, but it can start all over again. which is so true, whether actual disease or not.

    Love the play off sanity on this one, the whole bi-polar vibe to it, "wipe clean your midnight mask" can be taken in so many ways, enjoyed that line.

    Fast paced last piece here and nicely done reflecting it on to a girl named vaccine, a compelety different tone from the others, but well done none the less.

    Yes I was lazy and posted all comments here, didn't want to go through WV 4 times..haha.

  2. The level descriptiveness that this piece holds is amazing. Great job. Good Read. Thank you for continuing to write such great pieces.

  3. Hey Pat, nice combo pack, of comments, yes indeed, it saves time for me, to respond, comment and reply. Glad you liked yesterday's efforts. Thanks again

  4. Randy, thanks for the visit, glad you enjoyed the poem, and thanks for all the nice tweets over on Twitter, i do appreciate them:)