Sunday, July 17, 2011

Caravan of Iron

Scimitars and foils
Ibex and rhinoceros

A caravan across
Plateaus and tundra’s
Combusted by the elements

Golden mace-spiked orb
Aimed at the skull
Blinding thud to the eyes
A carousel to a deck of cards
Papyrus and the crowning mind
Dedicated to pick up
That never-ending ball of twine

The dance created by eucalyptus fever
Frying nasal-ways while jarring free the Sinicized anxiety
Bypassing the ins and outs, streamers looming all about
Caressing dirt in cradles black, homeless upon empty streets
Gypsy carnivals packing up, a myriad of interesting
My oh my oh my oh me
Bistros segmented by snarky grey
Cloven hooves & painted sirens
A contrite commandment disobeyed
Myrrh-guarded by a shaft of Iron


  1. A carousel to a deck of cards
    Papyrus and the crowning mind
    Dedicated to pick up
    That never-ending ball of twine

    love the way this stanza plays...hoping to avoid that spiked mace...a vivid trip through the imagery yet again

  2. Awww going all traveling gypsies today. Great use of words to create images of all the attractions and I laughed at the "my oh my omy oh me" line, just rolled off the tongue rather fun.

  3. Brian, Glad you enjoyed this piece, kind of a bunch of brainstorming that I threw together here. I think it worked out pretty well, really glad you liked it as well. Yeah the mace from middle ages is so much worse than the mace carried in purses, although I would guess experiencing that would not be much fun either, thanks again

  4. Pat, yeah hit up the gypsy trip today. Gypsy life has always fascinated me, we have this area about a few hours from where I live that has a large gypsy community and they go all out, it's a lot of fun to just wander through the area. Now I've met some traveling ones as well and they too interest me, just something I could never do, and to be perfectly honest as much as I find their lifestyle interesting it's not something I could ever see myself doing, so I write about it. Glad you enjoyed the poem, which as I mentioned in my reply to Brian, was a bunch of brainstorming notes I kind of took bits and pieces and came up with this piece. Thanks again for the visit, always appreciate them