Friday, July 8, 2011

Tarnation Fellowship

Tarnation Fellowship
Beyond damnation’s pulse
Writhes the premise of
Sentient squalor
Draped in individualistic guise
         Prohibition of the spindle
         Slipping fast before the twister
         Kinesis in an empty glass
         The fellowship has your back

Beyond dogged ears of mischief
Trouble bonds then tempts us
Determined to please
Our morals slightly loosen their ease
All in the name of brotherhood
Draped in unifications guise
         Prohibit the drivel
         Masquerade the swollen parade
         From lips dishonesty
         Conceives the other page

When bonds of fellowship are bled
Boundaries die
When cohesion seals the dream
Unity joins the flesh
Appendages we become
Limbs hardened by tempest gloves
         And in so joining
         No retreat, no goodbyes
                  If you wander or question your sight
                  Tarnation will always take you back


  1. man you are slippery with words...after the first stanza i was unsure where you were going but i understand the concept of brotherhood and how group mind can def overcome individual ideology and morals...been there...saw it happen most vividly with a group of friends in college

  2. Brian, to be quite honest I didn't really know where I was going with this poem either. Had this title that popped in my head, liked the way it sounds and incongruity that could be played off of it, and about a line or two into the poem the idea kicked in, recalling situations like this, also while I was in college. Always look forward to your feedback, thanks, appreciate the support:)

  3. Yeah I can also recall situations like this in college too, guess everyone can. Really like how you just kept adding to it, from unity, appendages, limbs, all becoming one.

  4. Thanks Pat. Glad you enjoyed the piece, the deconstruction/construction aspect is a major component to the overall theme. Glad you appreciated it. Thanks for stopping by:)