Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blessed Be Thy Name

Blessed be thy name
For faith has an honor all it’s own

Forks in form, pronged and sharp
Instinctual desire shed ties
Leaving antecedents
In the valley of spoons

An ocean’s cavalier sense
Undulating froth forming-
-Foaming from surf to shore
Barely flirting it’s depths to mind

It’s all plebian, defenses called
Lackluster, conjecture built for applause

Stratagems dematerialize
Forfeiting thresholds
Within envelopes we cannot pretend to see

Awry, a Grecian tragedy
So many in varying song
Dedication to the divine
Never were these Pagan fairy tales
Intended for path-mark
They were but dreamt
To fill in the blanks- unanswered-
And to keep the walls from closing 

Blessed be thy name
Subdue desire, free restraint
In honor’s moniker
I still have faith


  1. You really weaved in some mythical/lore type ideas with this one. From the pagan's to rome and the plebians. All thinking they were doing right by their faith, no matter the outcome. But still I guess I also still have a little faith..haha

  2. to fill in the blanks and keep the walls from closing...very how you open and close this as well...

  3. THanks guys, glad you both enjoyed this piece. Yeah Pat I had a bunch of fun putting this one together, Religion, Myth and History. Thanks again guys, always appreciate hearing from both of you & taking in your feedback

  4. Very "poetical" indeed! :P
    Very soothing verse flow, nicely done! :)

  5. Bubbles, thanks for stopping in, really glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for the feedback/compliments. Much appreciated:)