Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacuums & Highlighters

Vacuums and highlighters
Red, yellow, orange, green and blue
Five different flavors to comfort you
         Push or Pull        
         Automatic or slow
         Tiny fibers disappear
                           Yet despite the tidy paths you make
                           Debris shall escape its fate
                           Only to once again reappear
Reminding you
The cycle may overheat
But after some time, it typically cools
                           Highlighting the nodes
                           As you remind yourself
                           Of all the value alive within
                           Each iota you’ll likely forget
In streaks of smooth
Memories entwine around the strings you’ve sewn
In playful verse & meaningless phrase
You’ll weave a mnemonic song to save
Erasing the gaps in fabric
Long after the tread has worn


  1. Mind and experiences are an endless vacuum, each experience highlighted by a color we deem fit, gret sentiments in this piece. At least that's what I hope it meant..haha

  2. Thanks Pat, glad you enjoyed the poem. Yeah you're view is pretty on target here. Thanks again